There are a variety of Assessment services
also offered by our team, including:

Personality Assessments

This type of assessment is designed to evaluate a person’s personality traits, emotional concerns, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, level of adjustment, and contact with reality so that personal strengths can be identified along with areas in need of support.

Parenting Assessments

This type of assessment involves gathering information from a variety of sources. A typical parenting assessment involves one or more clinical interviews, psychological testing, consultation with collateral contacts and reviews of official records. This information is compiled into a report that is typically presented to a decision making body such as Alberta Children’s Services or Court. The report will include information about the parent’s skills, strengths as well as areas of limitation or need.

Recommendations will be made about a parent’s capacity to provide care in the short or long term and, where relevant, suggestions regarding training or therapy will be made to address problem areas.

Psychological Assessments

This type of assessment involves the gathering and analysis of relevant developmental, personality, medical, relationship and contextual factors in order to guide interventions. The assessment supports people in determining what their treatment goals might be and the best methods for effecting change so that an individual might interact more effectively with family, peers and others in his or her social environment.

Risk Assessments

(i.e. domestic violence, general violence or sexual abuse)

This specialized form of assessment is designed to identify both the static (unchanging) and dynamic (changeable) risk factors that contribute to the likelihood that an individual will commit another act of violence or sexual abuse. Information is obtained from clinical interviews, review of formal records, psychological testing and discussions with collateral contacts. A formal report is prepared and recommendations regarding risk management are included.

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